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Why is hypnosis so effective in dealing with insomnia?
Hypnosis is a totally natural state of mind that we all enter into a number of times a day. It is a completely natural state of relaxation.

My CD for Insomnia takes this natural desire to relax and helps to guide you into the sleep that has previously eluded you.


All you have to do is lie back and listen. It will guide you into a relaxing, wonderful state of sleep. If you should awaken during the night and need to listen again….go ahead and do so. Imagine…sleep without the use of drugs. It’s waiting for you.

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Hello Glenn,

I have had an inoperable brain angioma (tumor) for the past 3 years. I have
terrible head pain and as a result, I don't sleep well and I take Ambien or
Lunesta or sometimes both every night just to be able to fall asleep. I
purchased your insomnia CD on the ship. I have not taken Ambien or Lunesta
since that night. I have been truly amazed that I can fall asleep so quickly.
Prior to your cd, I would often lay there for 2 or 3 hours or sometimes all
night without being able to fall asleep. So, to be able to listen to your CD
and be "out" in probably 5 minutes or less (literally) is beyond comprehension.
I don't even believe it could really happen like this, but it does. When I have
woken up during the night I just start listening to the cd again and each time I
fall asleep quickly. AMAZING.

I am a Registered Nurse by trade and believe in the value and effect of
medication. However, I have never understood anything about hypnotism prior to
this experience. Now I can see both intertwined and both very powerful…

…I probably wouldn't have believed in hypnotism had I not came on stage on the
It was a very interesting experience --including thinking I was Michael Jackson.
I am really very grateful for meeting you.


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