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Public Speaking…The biggest fear.

Overcome your fear of public speaking by changing your subconscious mind so that you will respond favorably to lectures, seminars and presentations with confidence, energy and fervor. Your fears and nervous tensions will become a thing of the past.

More people fear public speaking than fear death! Hard to believe but true. My CD will help you to conquer your fear of public speaking. You will find yourself addressing groups of people, small and large with confidence. You will actually enjoy making public presentations, speeches and lectures.

My hypnosis CD for public speaking will gently relax you and give you the confidence to speak to all groups large and small. After using the CD you will realize that you have nothing to fear since your fear will become a thing of the past.

Since hypnosis is not a “magic bullet,” I strongly suggest that you use my hypnosis CDs repeatedly. The more you listen, the better the results.

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