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Restless Leg Syndrome

An uncontrollable twitching in your legs; A feeling of uncontainable energy in your lower extremities; Pain coursing down through your legs…These are only some of the symptoms of Restless Leg Syndrome. RLS symptoms seem to worsen when the sufferer tries to fall asleep. If you have it, you know what I’m talking about. A number of people

are suffering with this terrible affliction for which there is, so far, no cure.

Someone very close to me was tormented by Restless Leg Syndrome. Many times I have woken in the middle of the night to find her on the sofa, unable to sleep, vigorously moving her legs in the air as if she were riding a bicycle in the hope of wearing off the horribly annoying energy. Her affliction was what most would call severe. Her attacks were occurring three to five times a week. She was also relying on sleeping pills to help her get to sleep. Not always would they work.

One day while watching T.V. we noticed one of the many drug company advertisements addressing the problem of Restless Leg Syndrome and offering a drug that would give some degree of relief. We were both encouraged by the prospect. She called the doctor and made an appointment. Upon her return from the doctor I immediately saw the look of disappointment on her face. The doctor had told her that the effectiveness of the drug was no better than the placebo with which the studies had been conducted. Our doctor’s recommendation was that she not use the drug since the benefit of taking this drug was, at best, minimal.

I then decided to try and see if hypnotism could offer her some relief. Over the course of six months I did some research, talked with a few doctors and interviewed several RLS victims. I finally came up with an approach that I was ready to try.

Realizing that the effects of RLS become more severe when the afflicted person is trying to fall asleep, I designed the RLS Hypnosis CD to help them to go to sleep in spite of the increasing intensity of the symptoms. This was my first goal but not my only goal. My other intention was to attempt to do what medical science, so far, has been unable to do: My hope was to also eliminate Restless Leg Syndrome in the afflicted person.
Shortly before leaving on a tour with my stage show, I gave her the RLS CD with instructions to listen to it repeatedly at bedtime. After a few weeks we had a telephone conversation regarding her progress with the RLS CD. When I asked how she was doing she responded by telling me she preferred to listen to my Insomnia CD.

(Note: All of my hypnosis CDs wake you up at the end EXCEPT for the Insomnia CD and the Restless Leg Syndrome CD since falling asleep is the goal)

I told her that was fine and asked how often she’d listened to the RLS CD and she replied, “Only three times but it hasn’t been much of a problem lately.” I asked her if she realized what she had just said. Her response was, “Oh, my gosh! I guess it is working” I then instructed her to listen to it more often…even when she didn’t have an attack. She followed my instructions and has had wonderful results. Her attacks have become far less frequent and the intensity of her attacks has been reduced greatly.
Quite a few people have gotten the RLS CD.

As of the time of this publication I have not yet had one disappointed person.

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