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I don’t care who you are, you probably have too much stress in your life.
Don’t feel bad…WE all do!
Stress can make you sick, hard to live with…even kill.
Are you angry, annoyed, frazzled, frustrated, incensed, anxious, outraged, gnashing your teeth, livid, jittery, tense….YOU ARE STRESSED!!!


With this CD your Stress will dissolve and your outlook will change…Effortlessly…All you’ll have to do is lie back and listen.

Stress and sickness have been closely linked. Reduce your stress and you’ll reduce the negative impact to your immune system.

If you’re dealing with anxiety, panic attacks, headaches, muscle tension you owe it to yourself to experience the liberation and relief that can be yours simply by listening and “changing your mind.”

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I'm the chiropractor that met you on the Carnival cruise the week before Thanksgiving.  I purchased the "Dealing with Stress" CD and have listened to it at least twice daily since returning home with remarkable results. 
My time on the boat was not restful as my boyfriend and I broke up the first day on the cruise, and I spent the next six days trying to avoid him.  I was indeed stressed by the time I returned home.  Also it's a little anxiety producing to leave the practice for a week because there is usually a decrease in patient flow which of course creates financial stress.  And most chiropractors will tell you that whatever is going on in their heads is reflected in the patient numbers, ie, if you're not focused you get low numbers, if you're on fire people are beating down your door.  When I returned to the office I took your CD with me and began listening daily.  That first week back I was right on track with patient numbers, and this week is even better! 
Three days ago, first thing Monday morning I was in a low speed head-on collision with a motorist who pulled out in front of me and stopped.  As my truck was being towed away I asked the chief of police to give me a ride to my office because I had patients starting to show up in a few minutes.  The first opportunity to take care of myself came about two hours later.  I adjusted myself, listened to your CD, took a homeopath remedy and was good to finish the rest of my day.  Tuesday I was tired and had only a few patients on the book.  This gave me time to focus on myself, and I did more meditation with the CD as well as other self care.  Wednesday I was slamming busy and put in a wonderful 12 hour day!  As I drove home past the accident sight last night I didn't even think about the events of Monday.  I've no residual emotional trauma from the accident which is unusual for me.  I've no anger, no sadness, no negative emotion what so ever about the accident or the inconvenience it's caused.  It's just an unfortunate event, and I'm glad both the people involved are fine - really.  (WOW!)
I all of this I attribute this to the work I've been doing with your CD.  I've done guided meditations for many years, but I've gotten the best results with your hypnosis CD.
I've contacted an instructor in Manchester and will begin working on my own hypnotherapy education in January.
Thanks, Glenn.
Rebecca R.

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