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$100.00/ 3 CD’s Set

My Weight Loss program is a 3 CD set that has been successful time and time again. My CDs do not put you on a diet. Diets, while working temporarily, always fail because they are a Diet. Of those people who have had any degree of success on a diet, most will sooner or later end their diet either due to frustration or because they have reached their goal. Either way they eventually return to their old eating habits and put

on all the weight they have lost and then some. I call this Dieting Yourself into Obesity.

On my Weight Loss CDs you will hear my voice gently taking you to a beautiful, relaxing state of hypnotic relaxation. I will then give you the positive suggestions that will have you changing your eating habits, self image and activity level to one that is conducive for you to be the weight you wish to be almost effortlessly. The most difficult thing you will have to do is listen to the sound of my voice. You will never feel as if you’re on a diet. You won’t feel deprived of anything. Cravings will become a thing of your past.

Hypnosis gives you the desire to eat the foods that are healthy and good for you. If you have dietary concerns that are health related you will not find yourself eating anything you shouldn’t eat. You will not be an out-of-control robot. You will eat the proper foods in the proper portion size.

Remember: You will not be on a diet. You will be living a healthier, happier new way of life.

My Weight Loss program comes with complete instructions.

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Dear Mr Miller                                       
Thank you for helping one of my patients lose over 50 pounds of weight. He is borderline hypertensive, at risk of stroke and diabetes. Now, thanks to your help, he is on a new path.

R M Ireland, MD, CCFP, FCFP

I think you've got an email from one of my patients, unbelievably successful with your hypnosis tapes. I'm one of very FEW remaining Ontario MDs that are doing hypnosis. I'm sort of the regional expert ( if a GP can be expert at anything) and mainly do tobacco abuse hypnosis. This is my 21st year... I've sort of found my own path. I've had private teaching, and a weekend course, and reading. That's what I am, deadly curious. I've done some hypnosis for obesity, but OHIP ( my provincial regulatory body) has just loosened up on it.

Over the years I've found images that really work for tobacco; I'm wondering if I can fast track by listening to your tape. How do you feel about this?
I promise I won't reproduce it.
You could really help a bunch of people who could never afford your tape!

Thanks for considering,
R Ireland

…So anyway here I am today and I am down 31 pounds from where I started to lose in July, most of which has been done this September. I'm not hungry, I never feel overly hungry. I feel better about myself, I feel more energy and happier…

R. MacLeod

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